Sunday, August 22, 2010

TIME is an Asset to be Managed More Carefully then MoneyTry to spend it with the People Who Share your Dreams Desire & Destiny.
Pati k marne k nxt day, wyf ne paper me diya: Antim sanskar me shamil hue sab logo ko thanx
Shalu (32), Hight-5'2", Gora Rang,Bache Nhi he
TEACHER- Agar chor pichhe ke darwaze se aaye to aap kya karoge?
SARDAR- Just dial 001,
Police bhi pichhe se aayegi.
Agar Ghee Seedi Ungli Se Na Nikle To
Ghee ko Garam Kar Lo
Har Cheez Me Ungli Dalna Achi Baat Nahi..
Life is a football game,and we r the fotball.
never mind the kicks of people,
because widout kick we may not reach the goal
Sardar had a crow

He touched it n it was soft he decided 2 name it

It was named


The Meaning 4 the
F A M I L Y is . . .
F : Father
A : And
M : Mother
I : Is
L : Loving
Y : You

So,take care of ur parents at all time...

Dosti karna itna AASAN he jaise MITTI par MITTI se MITTI LIKHNA,
DOSTI niBhana itna mushkil he jaise PANI par PANI se PANI likhna.
One of d sweetest lines said in love "Mai kho gaya hu...,

tum bhi kho jao.."

English translation "I am lost, U ALSO GET LOST.."
Us k liye Jeena Sikho jo aap K liye
Marne ko tyar Ho
use Hamesha Khush rakho Jis k Dil me Sirf Aap k liye Pyar ho
## Hamesha Unhi K Kareeb Mat Rahiye,Jo Aapko Khush Rakhte He,Kabhi Unke Bhi Kareeb Rahiye,
Jo Aapke Bina Khush Nahin Reh Sakte
Yado Se Badi Koi Dolat Nhi Hoti,
Pas Rehana Hi Zarurt Nhi Hoti.
Duriyan Kar Deti Hai Yadon Ko Zinda
Warna Yadon Ki Koi Kimat Nahi Hoti
Ab Aakhri Sawal 1Crore Rupeeyo ke liye-
What is ur Fathers Name?
Santa Hasne Laga
Amit-Has kyo rahe ho?
S-Aap option to dena bhul gae!

which steal our PRESENT.

Live for today & see life will be beautiful!!
END is not end. . In fact E.N.D is
Effort. Never. Dies . . . NO is not denial. . N.O is Next.Opportunity. . .Be Optimistic!!
Ordinary man can try million times... But only a ambition man try one time in million ways!
Successful people don't plan results,
they plan beginnings.
Right results always follow right
beginnings Have a right beginning.
# Every problem in a life carries a gift inside it so whenever u loose something dont get upset bcoz something may wait for u more than u lost!
Even a solid thing like IRON bcums weak wen its HOT &

Ppl can use it as they wish.

So we should alwys try 2 stay COOL, if we wish to be strong !!
Do not take rest after Success...
Coz if You fail next time, so many lips are waiting to say dat ur previous victory was LUCK!!
Successful people dont Relax in Chairs de feel Relax with their Works de sleep with their Dreams & Awake with a Commitment
No one gets a sudden RISES, even D SUN.No one gets a sudden FALL,
even D MOON.So,
stabilize your LIFE with D POSITIVE APPROACH.
Life is a rope that swings us through hope
Always believe today is better than yesterday &
Tomorrow will be much better than today.
Kabi Us se Sambandh Mat Todna,
Qk Pani Chahe Kitna Ganda Ho Jaye,
AAG Bhujane K Kaam Zarur Aata he!
Definition of Arrange marriage> "Bika hua maal wapas nai hoga."
& Definition of Luv marriage> "Pehle istemaal karo, fir vishwas karo"
"SONE"ke kitne bhi tukade karlo Uski kimat kam nahi hoti;
Vaise aap jaise "DOST"kitne bhi door ho,
Aapki "DOSTI" "DILSE" kam nahi hoti...
If Egg Is Broken By External Force, Life Ends
If By Internal Force, Life Begins
so ask your aatma before doing any work

Monday, August 2, 2010

Success formula to learn from water ,

Adjust yourself in every situation and

in any shape and most importantly always find out your way!

Do you know your car front glass is so large and the rear view mirror is small .

because future is more important than past ! Look ahead with bigger view and move on.

I asked God to give me a beautiful and intelligent friend.

Than he sent you on earth .